Algebra is not merely a maze of equations

What do you visualize when you hear the word ‘Algebra’? I’m sure most of you might just say, “It’s simply a maze of equations that deepens up as you go further”. To a certain extent your opinion is right but if these equations are arranged systematically, then this maze seems to be the most exciting learning experience woven with the alpha numeric symmetries that can have a major impact on our lives. Mastering the intricacies of Algebra can give you a positive edge in life.

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Understanding the main concepts in Algebra:

  1. Constant: A part of the algebraic expression that does not change is called a constant. A constant is usually a number with a fixed value or an alphabet that stands in for a fixed number. For instance: a + 3 =7. Here, 3 and 7 are constants.
  2. Variable: A part of the algebraic expression, the value of which has to be found. The most commonly used variables are a, b, c, x, y and z.
  3. Expressions: When the mathematical operations are blended with constants, variables, real numbers it gives rise to an algebraic expression.
  4. Equations: When the expressions present on both the sides of an “=” sign are collected, that results in the formation of an equation.

Analyze the steps involved:

Reasoning is essential in solving the algebraic expressions. Try to pose questions and figure out the solutions all by yourself. Raise your hands in the class when you are in doubt and you can always seek the help of your teacher. A famous English quote states, “Practice makes a man perfect.” So, continue practicing your math problems on a regular basis. If you end up with the wrong answer, inspect each and every step in detail to scrutinize*scrutinize*
➤ (v) to look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail
➤ (v) examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification
the entire solution. Try locating the wrong steps at various levels and several other modes of arriving at the right answer. Pen down the techniques that you resorted to and this will ultimately give you a better understanding of all the concepts. This will also help you to cultivate patience, a prerequisite while solving mathematics.

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I’m sure if you work as per the tips mentioned in this article you will definitely improve your understanding of algebra and solve this maze within no time.