Bullying – a scary revelation of trauma in schools

The commencement of the academic year in school brings in a lot of challenges and apprehensions to the students, parents and the teachers. Shocking revelations by parents about the aftermaths of bullying have posed several questions about the safety and security of children in schools on a global platform. Victims of bullying are the innocent students who go through numerous scary bullying encounters that represses the confidence of the student thus seizing their foundation of a beautiful childhood.

Courtesy : ClipArtHut.com
Courtesy : ClipArtHut.com
*Bullying: *

Bullying in simple words refers to suppressing others by the use of force, threat or coercion. It is an aggressive behavior on the part of the tormentor who tries to habitually or repetitively control his / her victim. This practices is most commonly witnessed in schools and colleges. Bullying can start with an verbal abuse and can change to physical bullying, psychological bullying etc. Recently cyber bullying is a newest addition to this set.

A sneak peek into global scenario:

Let’s have a glimpse of the scenario in India. A recent survey of 500 students in the age group of 8-12 revealed that almost 31.4% of them were bullied in one or the other way. Another revelation by a survey is that 50% girls and 45% boys in the United States have either experienced psychological or physical bullying during their academic journey. The United Kingdom is not far behind and has around 45% student population in the age group of 13-18 who have been bullied as stated by the anti-bullying group Ditch the Label. The statistics of bullying leading to suicides have been alarmingly high. I can assure that almost all the countries of the world have this issue as a primary concern in the education sector.

Stop bullying in schools:

The epidemic of bullying can only be laid to rest with a combined effort from the parents, teachers, school administration and the students. Every school must design an anti-bullying policy with stringent rules and regulations and ensure they are implied on the same lines. Students have to be educated about bullying and the consequences of it. Every school should address the issue of bullying during their respective PTA meetings and encourage parent participation in such initiatives. Anti-bullying approach should has to be backed by a counselor to counsel the victim and the bully if needed. The bullies have to be taught about empathy, compassion and kindness to change their respective behaviors while the victims have to be motivated to emerge as a stronger individuals by bestowing lot of love and support. Parents, teachers and the school administration has to ensure that the self-esteem and confidence of the victim has to be restored. Schools have to follow a zero tolerance policy to end bullying completely.

Life is beautiful. There are several reasons to smile and be happy. Do not waste your precious time and energy on inculcating such negative approaches of bullying, rather give a gift of life and optimism to someone and feel contented. Focus on your academics and score well.