Educational activities with Dinosaurs – Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinosaur… Grrhhhhhh…..Does this sound familiar?  I bet it does. Peppa pig needs no introduction and so does her little brother George and his little cute toy dinosaur. The fascination towards dinosaurs never seems to have subsided over the years especially among the tiny tots and kids. So, why not incorporate this fascination into educational arena and blend it with educational activities to witness a fun filled learning experience? If this dovetail of learning and games attracts your students, then your effort to engage them in learning pays off.

1. Create a few Dinosaur themed Checker games: These checker games are also referred to as “Draughts” in the United Kingdom. Almost all kids have their own inclination towards Dinosaurs and this initiative can be a Bull’s-eye in engaging them. These checker game is usually played between 2 players. They either have Red and Black pieces or White and Black pieces. Both the players have to move their respective pieces diagonally one by one and turn by turn to capture all the positions / checkers of the opponent. You can paste dinosaur pictures and their names with beautiful colours on the board. Moreover, you can name all the pieces with several dinosaur species to make it an attractive playing option. This game teaches estimation, measurement and division and improves their understanding in mathematics.
2. Creating dinosaur stick puppets: You can draw sketches of dinosaurs with the help of Dinosaur stencils; cut them with their intricate details for each student on A4 size card sheets and ask the students to colour them respectively. Once they are done with the colouring, you can provide them drinking straws. Ask them to stick those straws to the back of each paper dinosaur. This handle attachment is the key to turn these sheets into puppets. Allow the sheets and the glue to dry. Once they dry, your dinosaur puppets are ready. This develops a sense of achievement in them as they have created the puppet on their own.
3. Dinosaur themed Treasure hunt:  You can draw several footprints of dinosaurs and paste them on the floor. Ask the students to follow those footprints in the classroom. Ensure that you end the footprints at a point and place a basket full of dinosaur themed plastic eggs. In each egg you can inscribe an activity for each student and they have to act out the instruction inscribed on the egg. This activity can develop a sense of discipline in them to follow the instructions.
4. Creating a Dinosaur themed song: You can always write a Dinosaur themed song for the kids and ask them to learn it with actions. I’m sure they will love it.

There are myriad of dinosaur themed activities that can be created to keep the kids engaged in the classroom settings.