An hour of television is OK!!!

Mom, do not switch off the TV. I still have a couple of shows lined up ………. Boom!!! The TV is switched off. This is followed by a series of screeching, arguments, tantrums and crying on one side while the other side seems to be blaming the screen time to be the culprit for lower grades and bad behavior. What if we merge these two scenarios with a positive outcome? Why not incorporate educational cartoons and programs in our viewing list to accelerate a better learning process? Today, various educational programs have been designed to teach children moral values, etiquettes, reasoning, crafts, languages and math too.

The American Academy of Pediatrics are also in tune with this concept and have specified that once the kids are in pre-schooling years an hour of screen time is Ok provided it’s a high quality content. A few studies have also opined that excellent educational programs can suppress the aggressiveness among children.
Let’s have a glance at a few educational programs online:
1. Dora the explorer: This educational cartoon series is about a Hispanic American girl Dora and her adventures. Dora loves to travel with her Purple Backpack and her anthropomorphic*anthropomorphic*
➤ (s) suggesting human characteristics for animals or inanimate things
monkey referred to as Boots. During her journey Dora has to solve puzzles and riddles pertaining to language and numbers to clear her obstacles. This teaches kids about counting numbers and learning vocabulary.

  1. *Peppa Pig *: It’s a British cartoon series that swirls around the life of a the main character Peppa and her family, her school, friends, teachers etc. Peppa is a 4 year old cute little pig who teaches a lot of moral values and etiquettes.

  2. Pocoyo: Pocoyo is another Spanish- English show that helps in developing basic problem solving skills in kids.

  3. Super Why : A series where the title character “Whyatt” introduces you to his four fairy tale friends who go on an magical adventure and become superheroes with reading power taking the kids through a journey of word association and spellings.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dinosaur Train, Arthur, Word World, Sid the Science Kid are a few more shows that not only engage kids but also enlighten them with a few learning aspects.

Excessive screen time is extremely bad but an educational learning journey for an hour is an educative investment of time.