Negative Effect Of Technology On Education

The world today is technology driven. With smartphones, and tablets flooding the market – portability, usability, and access has become just a matter of touch. But it is important to understand too much use can also have a negative impact on our lives. How technology negatively impacts education can hamper a child, so one must take caution of these while giving access to their children of technology.

  • Changes The Thinking Process – Studies suggest that using technology changes the way our brain work. It is believed that even though games and apps on the phone may condition the brain to multiple stimuli, it can also lead to distraction and decreased memory. It is believed that technology hampers the use of their imagination.
  • *Privacy & Safety Risk *– If technology is not used with caution, children can be at the risk of being exposed to the risk of information loss, online crimes, online abuse, and tracking for crime. It is very important educate your child about proper use of technology to safeguard them.
  • *Makes Children Inactive *– Technology eats in to a lot of a child’s playing time, and adds as distractions from going out to exercise. This has lead to high-rise in child obesity, and other problems.
  • *Limiting You The Virtual World *– It is important to go out not just for activity but also to explore the world you live in. Many children get so caught up in the virtual space that they forget to see and experience things around them.

So don’t let technology ruin your life, but do make the best of it!