Sail smooth through the ocean of Peer Pressure

“Let’s plan an adventure today. Who is so anxious to know about the details of moons of Jupiter”? says Niki. “Let’s bunk science class and explore the hills in my SUV” says Mohit a popular kid in the class. You are sitting with your friends in this group and you actually don’t wish to miss out on the Science class. The decision vests with you. Do you wish to abide by this invisible Peer pressure or follow your heart and attend the science class? I bet each one of us have witnessed peer pressure at some point of time during our school and college days.

Teenage is a beautiful and also a crucial stage of one’s life and this is the time when one can easily get influenced by the decisions of others or peers. Therefore, peer pressure can also be referred to as “Peer influence”. This peer influence is governed by crave for social acceptance that compels one to be on a bandwagon and follow what other peers do or say without knowing the futuristic consequences of the said act or statements. The grave desire to fit into a specific group should not land you up in an unwanted trouble. What if your so called “peers” are doing something that is illegal or anti-social? Your decision making ability should not be governed by the thoughts, lifestyles, habits and attitudes of others. For instance: If your peers have decided to gate crash a party on a specific day. The party is stated to involve alcohol and marijuana. You neither drink nor do drugs but you still wish to gate crash the party only to look “cool”; isn’t this insane? I mean firstly, you are gate crashing a party, secondly there is an involvement of alcohol and drugs. What if the cops get a whiff of it and crush this party and you land in prison only for the mirage*mirage*
➤ (n) an optical illusion in which atmospheric refraction by a layer of hot air distorts or inverts reflections of distant objects
➤ (n) something illusory and unattainable
of peer pressure? Think about it.

You can say “no”:  You don’t have to give in to the Peer influence. A simple “no” can do wonders. It may seem impossible at the first instance but if you stick to your beliefs and understanding and make a rational decision about what’s right and what’s wrong; then your conscience will definitely guide you. Your self –esteem and will power can be helpful. If you still feel the pressure talk to your parent or a teacher who can advise you on this matter. If you are alone and not willing to have those friends who can pressurize you to act in a specific manner against your will, you can always stay away from them and befriend others.

I’m not saying the Peer influence is always bad. There have been several instances where positive peer pressure has compelled mischievous*mischievous*
➤ (s) naughtily or annoyingly playful
➤ (s) deliberately causing harm or damage
students to engage in academics too. The entire process involves a sound decision making.  So friends, choose your peers wisely.