4 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Study Plan

Have a hard time sticking to your study schedule? Or you don’t feel like getting to your books? Well we all fall in the lull*lull*
➤ (n) a pause during which things are calm or activities are diminished
➤ (n) a period of calm weather
➤ (v) calm by deception
➤ (v) become quiet or less intensive
➤ (v) make calm or still
…by BeeDictionary.com
of things and tend to procrastinate*procrastinate*
➤ (v) postpone doing what one should be doing
➤ (v) postpone or delay needlessly
…by BeeDictionary.com
at times. So here are a few ways to help you get over the delays that you might be causing to your study timelines.

Image Source: http://myvle.mkcollege.ac.uk/pluginfile.php/87210/course/section/15462/keep-calm-and-study-hard-4456-622×415.png
1. Divide your work – If you see a big task at hand, it can get intimidating. Break your study routine in small parts. When you start finishing and achieving your goals one part at a time you’ll feel more motivated, and at ease with your routine. Remember goals are achieved one step at a time
2. * Study the topic you like – When you are not able focus properly or feel like deferring your study plans, pick a topic you enjoy studying. This will help you regain your study momentum and you’ll learn/practice a topic that you are curious about, or enjoy studying.
Prioritize your tasks at hand – At times we have multiple other things to juggle while studying, and even though they might not be categorized as completely time wasting tasks, you might be carrying them out only to keep yourself away from the books. For example reading a novel cannot be categorized as wasting your time, but if you have an exam to prepare for, it is more important to give exam preparation more priority. By all means do what you enjoy, but don’t let that take over things that you must do.
Make a timeline* – Define your goals, and take out time for both work and play. As much as it is important for you to study, it is important for you to do other things that you like doing. Plan your day to be a good mix of both studying, and other fun things. Once you are able to find a right balance, you’ll feel happier.