Memorizing the jigsaw puzzle of Geography

Alfred Wegener once enlightened the world with his theory of Continental drift where all these continents were attached to each other like the pieces of jigsaw puzzle. The subject of Geography revolves around these pieces of jigsaw puzzle i.e. the continents. Our Mother Earth is amazingly beautiful and it looks like a deep blue pearl glazed with colorful imprints of landmasses in the dark mysterious ocean of universe. An illusionary spectacular view; isn’t it? But how do we remember the outlines of all these landmasses often referred to as continents? It may seem difficult at the first instance but believe me, it isn’t. You can retain and retrieve the sketches of all the continents with the help of a few activities.

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I think I will pen down a few pointers for you to memorize these pieces of jigsaw puzzle relating to our mother earth.

  1. You can rely on visual cues like coloring pages with the sketch of mother Earth and its continents. You can try tracing the sketch and practice the outlines of the continents. Hereinafter, you can fill each continent with beautiful colors. This will help you in retaining your learning.
  2. You can write the names of each continent on the tracing paper where you have colored the continents. Also define the boundaries of the continents with black to give it a visual appeal.
  3. The simplest way is to adhere to mnemonics to memorize the names of the continents. A continents and E continent. A continent includes Australia, Asia, Antarctica, Africa, North America (America), South America (America) and Europe.
  4. Try learning interesting facts about every single continent. For instance: Number of countries in the continent; capital cities of those countries, climate, eminent people from the continents etc.
  5. Create a memory tree and place all the continents on that tree.
  6. Meditation can help in relaxing your stress levels. This can also aid in efficient learning and memorizing.
  7. If you wish to have a good memory you need to adapt a regular exercise routine that accelerates andthe enhances the volume of hippocampus area of the brain that aids in retaining the information learned.

I hope these simple tips can help you in carving the sketches of these continents in your memory forever.