A Tree That Can Bear 40 Different Types Of Fruit

This may sound like something out of a fairy tale, but soon sixteen trees that have been specially cultivated will bear forty different types of fruit in the harvest season.

Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kO6-PpgZ1M
To create this plant, New York based artist Sam van Aken collected heirloom stone fruit and fused them into a single tree. This was possible via a technique called grafting. This has resulted in trees awash with flowers in hues of pink, crimson, and white when in blossom, and full of stone fruits by autumn.

Van Aken explained that “he chose to stop at 40 because it’s a symbol of ‘the infinite, a bounty that is beyond calculation’ in western culture”. The trees also have a scientific significance in terms of genetic engineering, and biodiversity.

It is fascinating to see your favorite fruits growing on the same tree, a phenomena that is an artistic marvel. To learn more about the tree of 40 fruit check out the video below: