6 Tips To Help You Learn Any Skill Better

Want to learn a new skill? Go ahead and sharpen than brain of yours by exploring different avenues. Be it a new language, a music instrument, pottery, a sport, or dance. Feeding your mind variety sharpens it, and is fun. Here are few tips to help you learn a new skill better.


  • Be Curious – Your curiosity about what you want to learn shows your willingness to learn. It makes the learning process more enjoyable, and it doesn’t seem like work. Ask about what you are learning, don’t be scared to look for answers, and indulge in the skill you want to learn.
  • Find Inspiration – Look for the masters in that field, learn about them. Their ability and talent will inspire you to reach higher, do better, and keep you motivated to learn. Be it a famous sports personality or a family member who is a master at that skill, a role model always keeps your spirits high.
  • Find a Mentor *– The best way to learn a skill is by training under someone who knows the tricks of the trade. Their guidance will help you learn, explore and master the skill you want to learn. A good mentormentor*
    ➤ (n) a wise and trusted guide and advisor
    ➤ (v) serve as a teacher or trusted counselor
    …by BeeDictionary.com
    will motivate you to do better, push your learning limits, and introduce you to newer, and better ways of doing things.
  • *Participate in Competitions *– If you are learning a skill, the best way is to put your self out there. Participating in competitions puts a goal on the board, this will make you want to do better, make you want to win and achieve something. Challenging yourself always helps you go further than you thought you could.
  • *Incorporate Feedback *– Feedback is a good way to improve. Constructive criticism can help you grow much faster than words of appreciation. Look for feedback from the right people, and see how you can use that to better yourself.
  • *Make Quality a Priority *– When developing a skill, make sure you don’t compromise on quality. Give it quality time, quality guidance, quality effort, and quality learning.

Keep in mind these ideas and master up your skills.