Speed Read the right way

Imagine if you don’t get to read anything for a whole day. This might seem extremely hilarious to many. This means for the whole day no access to newspapers, no internet news, no e-mails, no TV, no mobile phones, no text messages and Facebook, no sign and direction boards on the road too. Just a blank canvas of life with no words to embellish*embellish*
➤ (v) add details to
➤ (v) be beautiful to look at
➤ (v) make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.
➤ (v) make more beautiful
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the existence of mankind. I bet none of us would like this day. Most of us are not efficient readers. But mastering this skill can save a lot of time and help you in sharpening your other problem areas too.

Image Courtesy: www.whatyoucanachieve.com
Image Courtesy: www.whatyoucanachieve.com
How to speed read?

  • Refrain from adhering to sub-vocalization: While we read, most of us often tend to pronounce these words in our heads. You may be doing this for a short while but this consumes a lot of time as you hear the word being called out in your mind. Make up your mind not to sub-vocalize and practice this until you eliminate the habit of sub-vocalizing.
  • Understanding the movements of the eyes: Everyone reads at a different pace, stopping at some words, while skipping a few and rushing through the easy ones. Eyes can read faster when they actually stop at a point. Therefore, fewer the eye movements, the faster you read.
  • Try reading at a faster pace than you actually do: You can always use a pencil to define the speed of your reading. Ensure that you move the pencil above each line at a pace slightly faster than your reading. This will definitely improve your reading speed.
  • Set a timer to evaluate your reading speed: You can time your reading by counting the number of words in each line. Likewise, you can also set up a limit of lines that you need to read within a specified time. You can further multiply the pages with the number of words and divide it with the preset time to evaluate the number of words you read per minute.
  • Learn to quickly run through the text once: A quick run through the text can help you understand the basis of the reading material. You can seek help from the titles, summaries and the subheading to understand the content. The first two lines of every paragraph to get the gist*gist*
    ➤ (n) the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work
    ➤ (n) the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience
    …by BeeDictionary.com
    of the matter when in confusion.
  • Go through Graphical representation: Sometimes graphical representations give you a crystal clear understanding of the textual content.

Speed reading requires a lot of practice but ultimately it is something that can have an positive impact on your academics and career too.