Oh My!!! My bag weight sucks….

My bag is too heavy mom, I can’t carry it every day. Please do something, I’m tired of these backaches and shoulder pains are very tiresome, frustrating. These are the most common utterances in the Indian households. The commencement of the new academic year begins with a long list of note books and the text books that the students have to carry to the schools. The sizes of these school bags are quite scary these days. A joint effort by parents and the concerned educators has to be created to ensure that the school bag has a minimum weight.

Image courtesy : cao.thejournal.ie
Image courtesy : cao.thejournal.ie
Section 29 of the Right to Education Act guidelines 2010 speaks for reduction of the school bag weight but every day we come across myriads of students who are still walking with those burdensome school bags with no trace of abatement. Students are facing several health concerns like stooping postures, backaches and spinal issues.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has designed a plan to tackle this issue by instructing its affiliate schools with guidelines that have been sent to every single school. The guidelines clearly specify that students upto class 2 should neither carry school bags nor be assigned any homework. Scores of expert guidelines specify that Students studying in higher grades than Class 2 should not carry school bags weighing more than 10% of their body weight. Despite the issuance of these guidelines several school students are seen carrying heavy school bags.

Parents and teachers have to keep a close eye on the school bags of their children/students. Minimal homework is to be assigned to ensure that students learn and study in an efficient manner and not forcefully. Schools can come up with lockers to reduce the burden of carrying the books by the students. It has also been noticed that certain schools are following these guidelines and following them religiously. The days when there is an excess of activity based learning, these days are observed as no bag days.

Today, unlike the traditional methods of text book learning, more emphasis is laid on practical methods of learning. A big thanks to the advent of technology in the field of education that can update the library resources digitally. It is upto the teachers, school administration and the parents to carve out a golden solution to the age old problem of heavy school bags and facilitating a stress free learning environment to the students. Similar to the developed nations, we too require the introduction of cost-effective tablets in schools that can store enormous data from note books and text books.

Education and learning should never be burdensome and likewise the mediums of learning too.