The treasures of blue waters – Archipelagos

Beneath the clear blue skies, lie the deep blue waters with soft shimmering sand deposits on the shore. Hammocks hanging through the trees, with gleaming sun rays warming up everything we see. This is an illusionary glimpse of a tropical vacation that you can have on an island. The lustrous*lustrous*
➤ (s) made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing; reflecting a sheen or glow
➤ (s) brilliant
➤ (s) reflecting light
blue waters host several treasures in the form of Archipelagos. Yes, this is a name – Archipelagos. A cluster of islands that are closely scattered in the water bodies are termed as Archipelagos. Volcanic eruptions on the ocean floor can result in the formation of these clusters.

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In a few exceptional cases, Archipelagos have formed due to their existence on oceanic hot-spots. One such known hotspot is the Hawaiian Islands that relaxes on an ocean hotspot. It is also believed that the end of the Ice Age resulted in the formation of several Archipelagos as glaciers melted. This in turn resulted in the rise of water levels that flooded the valleys that we low lying. Furthermore, the Archipelagos were formed out of the coastal mountains that were connected to the main lands. The overall formation of these cluster of islands can be influenced by sediment deposits and erosion. For instance: the islands that are close to huge land masses may have been attached to the land masses. The movement of tectonic plates and erosion may have drifted the sections of the land masses away resulting in the formation of Archipelagos. This entire process requires thousands of years to occur.

The rise and fall in the size of islands in the Archipelago can be a result of volcanic activity. The constant eruptions of volcanos can deposit its sediments on the islands increasing their respective sizes. Indonesia, United Kingdom, Hawaiian Islands, Philippines, Japan, New Zealand are a few examples of countries that are in fact Archipelagos.

The Archipelago Sea in Finland hosts around 50,000 islands in it. There are around 25,000 islands in the Malay Archipelago that is situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about these mesmerizing Archipalegos.