Negative Impact Of Social Media On Education

Social networking has taken over out lives in many ways. From connecting friends to networking, from promoting businesses to doing business, and from advertisements to current affairs – social media has become a big source of staying updated. With over 500 million users on Facebook alone, this medium can’t be ignored. It offers multiple benefits that help us learn, grow, and educate ourselves better. However, overuse or misuse can be hazardous. For better awareness one must consider the following:

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- To not solely rely on information present on these platforms. One must use authentic sources of information in order to learn correct information, and make education in general more authentic.
- To not let these sites become a source of distractions. Many students end up wasting too much time browsing these websites. While studying you need to focus your mind on the subject at hand, and all such sources should be kept shut. They are a good source of learning, but not the only or the most reliable source. - Be cautions of the Internet crimes that keep occurring every now and then. Children are vulnerable, and with so much information available and the anonymity – it makes them easy targets. - Think before you post! Many universities, or companies conduct profile checks on your social media accounts during your admission process or application assessments. - Don’t mistake social media with face-to-face socializing. It’s important to get out and interact with people. Don’t let the virtual world eat in to the time of your real world interactions.

Make social media a friend not a foe. Priorities your need of it, and make the best what it has to offer.