SMART Strategy

In today’s day and age it’s important to study smart than study hard.

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STRATEGIC – Make a strategy that best fits your study style. How you plan to tackle a particular topic or subject, and what/who can assist you achieve your goals.

MEASURABLE – Set goals that can be measured, this will help in better assessment of your understanding.

*ATTAINABLE *– Set small attainable goals, achieving them will boost your confidence and the goals won’t be daunting.

*REALISTIC *– Set goals that fit your study situation, and circumstances. Take in to consideration your sleep, food, family, school, and social time.

*TIME LIMIT *– Make a timeline and distribute your work accordingly. Setting a time limit will keep you disciplined about achieving your goals.

Be a smart worker and achieve higher targets. Also remember a smart worker is flexible. Your plan won’t always play out as you want, so keep room change.