7 Types Of Intelligence

Psychologist Howard Gardner has discussed the existence of 7 types of intelligence and states that everyone has a small part of each within him or her. This theory has emerged from cognitive*cognitive*
➤ (a) of or being or relating to or involving cognition
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research and, “*documents the extent to which students possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn, remember, perform, and understand in different ways,” *according to Gardner (1991). It is believed that over the years each person develops one area more thoroughly and that area then surpasses the others.

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*The 7 Types & Their Characteristics *

  • Linguistic Intelligence: people with a greater ability to express themselves verbally, and via the mode of writing. These people display a strong sense of attentiveness and an ability to easily understand the viewpoint of others.
  • Logical Intelligence: people with the ability to analyze and logically reason. They usually have an organized and disciplined way of being, and have a quick insight that allows them to deal efficiently with complex problems.
  • Kinesthetic Intelligence: people with ease in bodily expression. This is prevalent in most high performing athletes. This kind of person has a higher sense of space, distance, depth, and size allowing them to have more control of the body.
  • Spatial Intelligence: people with the ability to imagine, draw, and create 2D and 3D images. This intelligence allows people to imagine and see things that most people consider impossible. Example – gaming professionals, architects, and aerospace designers.
  • Musical Intelligence: considered one of the rare kinds, people with this intelligence have the ability to listen and identify different sound patterns, and notes with great ease.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence: this is a group of people who possess a great sense of responsibility and carry a practical outlook. They have the power to influence people, however they are calm in their ways, and make great listeners.
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence: is a person who is deeply connected with him/herself. This type is considered the rarest of the lot. Mostly reserved such people usual command great admiration from their peers.

So which type do you fall in?