The sky spills luminous colors at Northern lights

What a magnificent view!!!! I said spontaneously while I gazed at my computer screen. Glowing colors embellished the sky creating a picturesque panorama that can leave every single spectator mesmerized. I’m not relating this to a fireworks show but to the natural phenomena that occurs in the northern and the southern hemispheres. “Aurora Borealis” occurs in the north while “Aurora Australis” occurs in the south. Beautiful shades of varied colors give an illuminating effect as the electronically charged particles emitted by the sun collide as they enter the earth’s atmosphere. Eerie forms and patters of green, violent, pink, red, yellow and blue stretch over the sky. Interesting, isn’t it?

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Reason behind the display:

The occurrence of the solar activity on the sun emits particles that escape the sun and rush through the solar wind into the space. Normally the solar winds reach earth within 2 days. While entering the earth they distort the invisible magnetic field of the Earth caused due to its rotation. They enter the Earth’s atmosphere through the north and the south magnetic poles. The Earth’s atmosphere energizes the particles and the collision with the gases like oxygen and nitrogen results in the auroral*auroral*
➤ (a) of or relating to the atmospheric phenomenon auroras
➤ (a) characteristic of the dawn

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Formation of the colors:

The colors may display various patterns like ruffling curtains, arcs, glowing globs etc. The appearance of the colors is influenced by Altitude and the magnetic force lines. Ruby reds appear above an altitude of 150 miles, while greens appear at around 60-150 miles. The lowest i.e. 60 miles results in the appearance of blues, violets and the reds.

Best time to see this wonder of nature:

Northern Canada, Alaska, Norway, Finland, Sweden are the best vintage points to witness Northern lights. September, October, March and April are the best months to visit the Aurora Borealis.

Hope you enjoy the blissful view of the Northern lights.