5 Benefits Of Having A Home Tutor

The competition is fierce and the need to be on the top is forever growing. And whether you are competing with yourself or the entire country the will to be on top of the ladder is high! Studies have shown that private tuitions have improved the grades, as well as understanding and grasp of a subjects. It suggests that students have improved their grades by a significant amount, students who were earlier scoring a C or a D, after home tutoring have progressed to B or B+[1]. Thus many parents now find it a fruitful proposition to hire home tutors for the children.


Here are five reasons why a home tutor is a good option for your child:

  • Work at your pace: the biggest plus of a home tutor is that they work one on one with the child letting them assess and work according to the child’s pace. While in a classroom the teacher has to accommodate and teach according to the general pace of the class, which makes it hard for some students to cope up. But with personalized attention and all focus on the child, learning and the process of grasping becomes easier.
  • *Focus on child specific needs: *when studying one-on-one with the child, the tutor can focus on the areas the child needs more attention, as well as factor in child specific needs. This makes the teaching process more effective.
  • Flexible: with private classes you are flexible in choosing your study time, and days making it easy for parents as well as children to accommodate study timings along with school, and other activities.
  • *Extra Practice: *It is rightly said ‘practice makes a man perfect’ the key to effective learning is practicing and application of concepts, home tutors reinforce the subject, along with providing practice on the subject that instills a better grasp and understanding of the topic.
  • *Better Assessment: *Parents and teachers are better able to assess a child’s growth, interests, and flaws as one-on-one attention allows for better evaluation of the child’s progress.

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