Psychology’s Take On Effective Learning

There is no right or wrong way to study. As individuals we find what works best for us. However psychologists and other scientists have been testing different methods and techniques that prove useful in the learning process.

A recent research led by John Dunlosky (et al. 2013) from Kent State University examined ten of the commonly used methods to study, and critically evaluated each proposed method. The results suggested that out of all the stated method only two methods have been proven to provide effective learning among students.

The ten methods of learning that were evaluated include:

The study suggests highlighting and re-reading did not score high on the learning effectiveness meter. Other techniques got mixed reviews, but most positive. These included interleaved practice, self-explanation, and elaborate interrogation.

However, the study suggested that the most effective learning techniques for students are practice testing, and studying evenly over the duration of the course. These techniques where categorized as the most time-effective putting your brain cells to best use.