4 Tips To Study Chemistry Better

Like Math, Chemistry gives a scare to most kids. So many chemical formulations, and symbols can confuse most of us. But here are few study tips to help you cruise through this daunting subject.


  1. Understand The Concept – Like with any subject, understand the concept rather than memorizing. Follow a step-by-step approach to understand the concepts and strengthen your foundation of the subject.
  2. Flashcards – Use flashcards to pen down key concepts, chemical formulas, and symbols. Getting a strong grasp of these is the key to success in chemistry.
  3. Make Your Notes *– Subjects like chemistry are best studied*studied**
    ➤ (a) produced or marked by conscious design or premeditation
    …by BeeDictionary.com
    written than read or heard. So pen down the concepts, solves the equations, write down the understanding or key points taught in class. This will make learning and understanding of concepts easier later.
  4. *Practice Makes One Perfect *– Like with any subject, which includes problem solving, analytical reasoning, and practical equations one needs to practice. Try solving past exam papers, test your knowledge on a regular basis, revise your formulas, and go through your flashcard daily.

Don’t let these chemical equations mess your mind, use these simple methods to take chemistry from daunting to interesting.