7 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Study Better

Have you ever felt demotivated to study? Join the club. Everyone at some point feels demotivated, distracted, or defocused. So don’t be disheartened… here are a few tips to help you pull up your socks, and regain the motivation.


  • Reward Your Achievements – set your study goals, and reward yourself once you achieve them – maybe a scoop of ice-cream or an hour of playing time.
  • Group Study – Studying in a group can be very motivating, as even if you are not feeling up to the mark, you’ll end up making the effort for your friends.
  • *Eliminate Distractions *– Turn of the television, log off Facebook, and keep the video games away. You can reward yourself with half an hour of one of these later, but don’t let these eat in to your study time.
  • *Study In A Conducive Environment *– make sure you are in comfortable room or study area otherwise your mind will wander in to the discomforts you are feeling.
  • *Think About The Bigger Picture *– always remember your bigger goals in life, they’ll push you on the right track and keep you motivated.
  • Study Assistance – If you are unable to study on your own, ask your parents or a teacher to sit with you and help you focus better.
  • Study What You Like – Pick a topic you enjoy studying, this will help bring back your attention to the subject, and also bring back your tempo.

* *Keep your spirit up, and try and regroup your thoughts, you’ll sail through this time just fine. And don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are unable to focus.