Which is better? Home tutoring or Group learning?

The learning process has evolved by leaps and bounds over the years. Classroom settings have relinquished their traditional image and accepted the digital smarty look. Likewise, the tutoring sector has undergone various changes from time to time with an objective of providing exceptional learning experience to the students. The group learning concept of tutoring has been surpassed by home tutoring due to its flexibility and approach. Let us have a comparative analysis between the two forms to understand why Home tutoring has an edge over the Group learning form.

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Home tutoring as an Individualized learning experience:

Every single student has a different pace of learning.  A few students understand the teachings instantly while others struggle to grasp in the information taught. This difference in the learning abilities of the students can make it difficult for the tutor to cater to the needs of all hi students in a group learning setting. In comparison to the group learning, home tuitions can offer a personalized learning pace and style to the student. Moreover, home tuitions can create a platform to help students in retaining the information taught by the tutor.

Home tutoring offers flexible learning approach:

Home tutoring offers the flexibility of scheduling the best time for learning. An alluring option for the tutors and the student to conclude together the best possible time for both. This accelerates the teaching learning process too. This time flexibility option is not available in the group learning form of tutoring. Home tutoring is also a cost effective option in comparison to the group learning form as the student need not travel to the learning centre. Instead, the tutor reaches to the student to teach.

Home tuitions are “No distraction zone in learning”:

There can be numerous distractions in the group learning form of tutoring. For instance: late arrivals of other students, misbehavior in the classroom setting etc. The same principle is not applicable in case of Home tuitions as there can be no distractions. Student learns at the comfort of his/her home and achieve all the learning objectives.

I’m pretty sure that by now you can loudly state that “Home tuitions are way better than Group learning”.