9 Tips For A Safe Diwali

The festival of lights is right here, and the air is buzzing with festivity! With new cloths, lots of delicious treats, exchange of gifts, and houses adorned with diyas this festival is full of fun, love, and grandeur. Let this festival be a safe one for you and your family. Here are a few tips to help you have a safe and happy Diwali.

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1. Strategically Place Diyas – Make sure the candles and diyas that you have lit around the house are in safe spaces and not near any material that can catch fire, or is accessible by little children.
2. Take Responsibility – Be responsible about air and noise pollution. With so much contamination of environment already, think wisely before choosing to burn crackers.
3. Buy Authorized Products – If you do plan to burn crackers make sure you purchase them from licensed shop, and burn them in open areas and not in crowded markets or localities.
4. Be Safe – Be cautions of burn injuries and keep first aid handy.
5. Dress Wisely – Diwali is a day with lots of burning candles; pooja thali’s and fireworks so choose to wear cloths that are NOT too elaborate in drapes or with too much flare and flow. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics and stick to cottons.
6. Keep Away From Flammable Items – While lighting crackers or decorating the house with diyas, make sure you keep them away from flammable items or areas in order to avoid any possible accidents.
7. Make Sure You Don’t *– [a] Don’t allow children or yourself to keep fireworks in your pockets. [b] Light fireworks inside the house. [c] Or don’t burn multiple crackers at once.
8. *
Supervise *– Keep an eye on your children, and don’t let them play with fire unattended.
9. *
Keep Your Pets Inside
– Pets are not used to the noise of crackers, and unexpected change in their environments. Keep them inside so that they feel safe and also enjoy the festival with you.

Keep these simple tips in your mind, and make the most of this wonderful festival. Let is be a memorable one for you and your family.