7 Ways To Build A Good Vocabulary

Good communication is a must for success in any field. With great emphasis on communication skills, it’s important to build a good vocabulary that will help you communicate, and express yourself more effectively. Here are some ways to build a better vocabulary:


  1. Regular Reading – reading books, newspapers, blogs, articles, magazine or journals gives you access to learn a vast variety of words in multiple contexts. Regular reading is a great way to build on your vocabulary, and your knowledge.
  2. Word Games – Solve word games that will push your memory to recall newly learnt words as well as expose you to new words. Scrabble, crossword, Pictionary, or online word games are some great learning sources.
  3. *Keep A Dictionary *– While studying/reading keep a dictionary handy, as when you come across a new word it will be easy for you to find the meaning. It’s easier to remember a new word when you can associate it with some meaning.
  4. *Engage In Conversations *– Conversations let you put all what you have learnt in use. Try using all the big words that you learn in conversation, that ways you’ll be able to retain what you have learnt better.
  5. *Learn A Word A Day *– A good way to build your vocabulary is to consciously add to your word bank. Try learning and picking up on a new word daily. You might not be able to remember all of them, but you will pick up some amazing new words to add to your knowledge bank.
  6. *Make Visual Associations With The Word *– Visual associations aid in recalling a word faster, and engraining the word in your memory better. So whenever you learn a new word, or anything new for that matter, try to attach a visual memory or association with it.
  7. *Test Yourself *– We pick up new words very often, but don’t retain many of them. So if you are looking to build on your vocabulary a good way would be to test yourself every now and then.