7 Tips To Revise Better

Want to make your revision more efficient and effective? Here are few tips to help accelerate your learning process.


  1. Study in a quiet space. Distractions tend to eat in to your study time.
  2. Use your own hand written notes that you have made over the year, looking back at your own work helps in better recollection of the content, as well as focuses on the main areas that are important.
  3. Ask a friend or family member to test your knowledge.
  4. After revising every major topic or studying for a significant amount of time (60 – 90 minutes) take a small break.
  5. Listen to your own-recorded notes in case you don’t feel like reading over and over again.
  6. Get some sleep, and rest time during the day. Only studying will shut off your mind.
  7. Eat well.

So Keep Calm, & Study On!