European Union – The family of European Nations

The European Union or EU is a close knit union of the 28 democratic European nations, an international organization that strives hard to maintain peace, prosperity and stability among the European nations. The federation of the states governs the political, social and economic policies of its member nations. Sealed with a common currency known as Euro, the European Union was established in the year 1993 by the Treaty of Maastricht. The European Union was bestowed with the Nobel peace prize in 2012 for its efforts in promoting peace.

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The European continent was scattered into varied pieces after the World War II. Every single piece of this continent had a cultural and political diversity. There was a grave need of unifying the entire European continent and restoring its eminence. It was only possible if a single economic and political community was formed to promote barrier free trade that aids in maintaining peace and harmony among its territories.

The Maastricht Treaty laid the foundation of this single economic unit. The highlighting features of the European Union are as follows:

  • The European community
  • The common policy for foreign affairs and security
  • The co-operation of Police and the judicial system in the Criminal matters.

The Copenhagen Criteria specifies the standards required to be a member of the European Union. The specifications for the member nations are based on certain geographical and political requirements. The Human rights laws, market economy, freedom of equality democracy are a few among them.

The members of the European Union can trade between themselves. Every single member nation can decide on their respective taxation laws and trade standards. 19 countries have accepted Euro as their official currency. These nations are collectively known as Eurozone. The European Union committee is responsible for tackling issues pertaining to education, agriculture, anti-terrorism and environment.

I hope this federation of European states inspires other continents to live in peace and harmony.