The advent of Digital literacy in Education

Kids today, have an eye for technology and I think that the probable reason why we find them glued to the mobile devices, video games often. This technological challenge makes it necessary for the school to incorporate digital literacy in the classroom teaching. What is the exact meaning of being digitally literate? You are not the only one who is awaiting the answer for the question stated above. Many teachers and educators have wrestled their way in understanding the newest technologies and their significance in the classrooms. The 21st  century demands for inclusion of digital literacy in the curriculum.

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Teachers today have been extremely vigilant*vigilant*
➤ (s) carefully observant or attentive; on the lookout for possible danger
in introducing the concepts of digital literacy in the classroom settings. Digital literacy is as important as literacy and numeracy. There are a few things that the teachers and educators need to know.

  • Educators and teachers have to acquaint themselves with the knowledge of the digital world that prevents them and children from accessing inappropriate content on the web. They can later ensure that students do not adhere to such methods on the internet.
  • Ensuring the safety and security of the students while using internet facilities like the emails, social networking sites.
  • It is crucial that the educators and the teachers learn about the adverse consequences disclosing and using personal information of the students.
  • Teachers have to learn and understand about the dangers of hacking and ensure that the students also learn about the adverse consequences of hacking. Teachers also have to know about tackling issues like cyberbullying, and other dangers that the students may come across.

There has been a substantial investment in ICT and its integration into the curriculum. Proper installation of equipments, updating the necessary software and the hardware and excellent internet access are the 3 vital essentials of the ICT. Digital technology can be utilized to improve subject knowledge of the students. The blended learning approach can help in improvising the overall quality of teaching and learning.

Digital libraries have made qualitative content accessible to the students. Digitalization of the educational sector has facilitated self-paced, self-styled learning. Distance learning concept has brought the world closer. Likewise, tutoring sector has also transformed into online tutoring and home tutoring. These facilities can be enjoyed and utilized completely when one has an appropriate knowledge about its usage and technicalities involved. In simple terms this is referred to as Digital Literacy.