The Mythical land of Atlantis

Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher was the first person to enlighten the world about the legend of Mythical land of Atlantis through his writing. The existence of Atlantis has been a topic of debate for ages together but the legend is so enthralling that it continues garnering the attention of the world towards it. This legend from the Greek mythology adds up to our knowledge about the lost civilization too.

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The legend describes the island of Atlantis as a remarkable place that spilled architectural and engineering marvels. The world was divided by the immortal gods amongst themselves. At the instance of other Gods, Poseidon the God of the Sea received Atlantis. Atlantis was a massive island equivalent to the combined size of Libya and Asia together. Poseidon married Cleito, a mortal woman and build a palace on a hill in the midst of Atlantis Island for his lovely wife. The palace was surrounded by water –lands rings for protecting it. These land-water rings were connected to tunnels that paved way for easy passage of ships through them. To honor Poseidon, a temple was built on the hill with a huge gold statue of Poseidon depicting him riding a chariot of horses.

Atlantis was very prosperous civilization with lots of buildings, fountains, fields, forests and mines. The stone walls were made of precious metals and statues. Cleito bore 10 sons to Poseidon (five set of twins). The eldest of them all was Atlas. The entire island was divided among the brothers to rule). Every ruler of Atlantis was extremely unique and ruled the kingdom and contributed to its prosperity. Several years passed and the peace and prosperity of Atlantis grew by leaps and bounds. The laws laid by Poseidon and the rulers thereafter were inscribed on the pillars of the temple of Poseidon. The future rulers had to abide by these rules.

Until the rulers lived and judged by Poseidon’s laws, the peace and harmony existed in the kingdom. Later the kingdom of Atlantis was smitten by pride, ego, jealousy and greed for power. This led to a lot of turmoil and instability in the kingdom. Enraged by this behavior of the rulers and the Atlantians, Zeus (the God of the Olympians and the sky), who was Poseidon’s brother decided to teach them a lesson. It is believed that Gods sent fire and earthquakes to the island that caused its sinking into the sea.

No one knows whether the city of Atlantis ever existed 12000 years ago. The lost city of Atlantis has never lost its glory and still resides in the minds of people as a legend.