What Type Of Learner Are You?

We can’t be classified as one type. As individuals every child is different and so is his or her way of learning. Studies have shown that children can broadly be categorized in 6 different types of learners. So what type of learner are you?

Types Of Learners:* *

  • *Accelerated Learner *– This type of learner is usually the ‘reader’. The kind of student that requires validation and a little tweaking of skill set that you have taken for granted.
  • Hands*On Learner *– Inclined to a slow learning pace, these students some basic foundation building improvements in problem solving, and critical thinking.
  • *Overachiever Learner *– Such students are great at memorizing study material. However a better understanding of the subject can improve your test scores.
  • *Sound Learners *– The motivated student, who studies regularly. These are student who go the extra mile in order to set themselves apart from other students.
  • *Unmotivated Learners *– These students have a desire to do well, but feel uninterested and/or unchallenged by the learning process. However a change in the learning method can help a great deal with these students.
  • *Maverick Learner *– A student who engages in two or more types of learning process mentioned above. As long as the mix of learning styles is bringing out the best in you, these students tend to excel.

The different types of learners have been identified by http://breakthroughtestprep.com/6-types-of-learners-what-type-is-your-teen/ that allows us to understand a child’s learning process better.