Motivate your kids to learn better

The learning spectrum of the kids should never be confined to the classroom learning. They should explore more arrays of education by exploring the world outside the class too. This exploration will surely give him/her the joy of discovery and that in turn will motivate him/her to learn better. Your motivation as a parent is quite instrumental to your child’s learning.

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Tips to help you motivate your child:

  1. Create a reading world for your child: Fix a family reading time. Ensure that every family member participates in reading with their own preferred books. Teach your kids that reading is significant to their growth as a person. Fill the reading room with several cut-outs of magazines, newspapers and books.
  2. Motivate him/her to voice out their choices: Ask for opinion of your child. Ensure that he/she feels their respective opinion is important. This initiative from your end will help your child to make choice and voice them out.
  3. Show interest in your child’s interest: Figure out what our child loves to do and help him/her to learn more about it. For instance: If your child loves to balley, try enrolling her in a balley academy.
  4. Teach them through games and fun filled activities: Puzzles, blocks, riddles and ‘Do it Yourself’ activities are a few examples of games that can instill love for learning in your children.
  5. Share something new with your kids: If at all you learn something new, ensure that you teach it to your child or at least share it with him/her. This gesture will assure them that they are considered important in the family.
  6. Enquire about their learning in school: Have them teach you a few mathematical concepts or any interesting thing that he/she learnt at the school.
  7. Appreciate and celebrate their achievements: An appreciation can boost the self-confidence of your child. Likewise, a celebration for his/her achievement can motivate them to do better.
  8. Encourage your child to organize his/ her assignments, papers and books: Keep a track of all the home –work assignments, papers and books of your child. You can help in organizing the same whenever needed.

 You can teach your child through mnemonics to understand and explore the world around us.