The sphere of one-on- one home tutoring

The sphere of learning is complete only when the students reads, understands, writes and retrieves the information with an ease. Not all the students in the classroom setting are well equipped with all the essentials of the complete learning sphere. There is a sect of students who are struggling learners trying to fit in the sphere; but with extreme difficulties and no support. Some of them have learning disabilities too.  The students gets sandwiched between the constant burden of acing the exams and the learning struggle. One- on One home tutoring is the best solution to resolves these issues.


The classroom setting demands for a specific teaching pace to cover up the entire syllabus. This is the probable reason every single teacher in the class has to adhere to a particular teaching pace. Every student may not feel comfortable with the learning pace and may lag behind. This is when the phobias, traumas and stress factors start hovering over the students. This learning gap can be bridged by a tutor through one on one tutoring sessions. This settings comes with a galore of benefits required to achieve academic development.

What is One-on-One tutoring session?

One –on- One home tutoring session is a setting where an expert tutor teaches a student at the comfort of the student’s home. The teacher student ratio is 1:1.  A tutor is a subject matter expert who strives hard to help the student understand the concepts with an ease. The tutor gives one-on-one attention to his student’s learning needs. This kind of settings develops a good rapport between the student and the teacher and helps the students to clarify his/her learning doubts without any hesitation.

Another benefit associated with this setting is that the teacher can assess the overall personality of the students; the areas of interest, the areas of development in the learning process. The tutor can then mentor*mentor*
➤ (n) a wise and trusted guide and advisor
➤ (v) serve as a teacher or trusted counselor
his/her student considering the skills required for academic development. The one –on –one home tutoring not only instills self confidence in students but also motivates them to learn better every time. The guidance and positive feedback given by the tutor can help the students feel good about themselves. So I can definitely say that One-on –One home tutoring is customized learning approach based on the learning needs of the student.