Never say this to your teenagers who are taking exams

The exam zone comes with a blended breeze of silence, irritation, screeching, tension and sleepless nights. Emotions are gushing high. Frayed nerves leave you numb. Parents are seen trying their level best to motivate their kids. This extreme motivation can adversely affect the child and turn into an argument. Teenagers are known for slamming the doors hard to express their temperament.

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What you should avoid saying to your kids?

  1. As parents you have to remember that anything you say is going to turn against you. Children are stressed and get irritated easily especially during exam times. Anything you say is wrong and is going to be considered as a wrong thing.
  2. Never provoke your teenagers by comparing them with their siblings, cousins or friends.
  3. Never ever rely those ‘brain food’ ideas. Children today prefer to eat when they are hungry and never like the piled up sections of brain foods especially during the exam seasons.
  4. Refrain from asking a few questions to test their exam preparation. Your good intentions can seem annoying to your teenager who may end up infuriated and simply leave the room.
  5. The exam pressure can cause a negative impact on the overall temperament of your child and that’s when you should never check the question paper to see how many marks have been missed out.
  6. Remember during exam season your speech is silver but your silence at that time is truly golden.

Stay cool and calm yourself. As a parent you have to support your child but constant interference in the study style can be disastrous.