7 Rules For Your Child's Online Security

Every parent is protective about the safety and security of their child. It is important to educate our children about their surroundings, and community in order for them to understand the issues prevailing in society today. This will enable them to comprehend why they need to take certain precautions when dealing with unknown people or situations. While educating your children about their safety and security make sure you instruct them with regards to the following points.

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1. Information *– It is important for your child to know and remember not to pass on personal information to strangers or anyone without the permission of their parents. This information includes address, telephone numbers, date of birth, parent’s work place information, and working hours.
2. *
Comfort *– encourage your child to speak with you about anything that makes him/her uncomfortable. Make sure they feel you are approachable no matter what the problem.
3. *
Treating Others Right – *tell your children to act nice and kindly towards other children and fellow citizens. This will make inculcate*
➤ (v) teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions
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in them good behavior as well as the knowledge of deciphering what is right and wrong. 4. *Cyber Crime *– with children taking to the Internet at early age make sure you set certain Internet guidelines about sharing information (photographs, location, plans, etc.), meeting online friends, accessible websites, identity thefts, and other related issues.
5. *
Spam *– also educate your children about spam mails, and messages. These could be in terms of rude or nasty messages, lottery winning messages, or other related Internet spams that can lure or hurt your children in the wrong direction.
6. *
Password Protection *– Make sure your children are aware about not sharing their password with anyone except their parents. Not even best friends.
7. *
Downloading – **educate your child about asking for your permission before downloading any new software, or application in order to avoid installing anything that could possibly hurt the privacy or your child and your family.

These few reminders will go a long way in keeping your child on the right track, and keeping him/her safe from the bad elements on the web world.