Raising polyglots can be challenging

Imagine if you can hear a sentence with Hola! Ich bin Alice and I’m doing good today or Aap kaha se ho? Mi Mumbaichi ani tumhi? Parvagilla sir, Chalo koi gal nahi…. This might seem as a whirlpool of languages grappling with your personality. Children who have multilingual*multilingual*
➤ (a) using or knowing more than one language
…by BeeDictionary.com
backgrounds find themselves in similar mazes where words from several languages play hide and seek. Raising polyglots is often challenging and parents seem to be under extreme pressure. Children often tend to learn in English in their school as it is the main language of instruction. So we as parents tend to have a very little scope and time to teach our target languages.

Image courtesy :www.livelingua.com
Image courtesy :www.livelingua.com
Tips to raise polyglots:

  1. Speak to your kids in the target language/languages since birth. If both parents speak different languages, you can teach both the languages by interacting with your kids in your targeted language. When people around, you can switch to the local language or English. Ensure that you introduce new concepts and vocabularies in your targeted language on daily basis.
  2. You can teach some regional or native songs to them to give them a feel of their roots. It they are confused with certain words you can always explain them as to what they mean.
  3. If you are away from your home, you can talk to your parents and family in your targeted language through Skype.
  4. A vital thing to do is to brush up one’s own language skills by adhering to books, newspapers etc.
  5. 15-20 minutes of TV time in the targeted language can be quite beneficial.
  6. You may come across people who speak in the same language and try connecting with them to have a positive influence on the linguistic*linguistic*
    ➤ (a) consisting of or related to language
    ➤ (a) of or relating to the scientific study of language
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    skill of your child.
  7. Don’t pressurize your kids on learning languages. They need their time and pace. Simply ensure that they hear few words on daily basis and one fine day they will speak to you in your targeted languages.

Being multilingual*multilingual*
➤ (a) using or knowing more than one language
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or polyglot*polyglot*
➤ (n) a person who speaks more than one language
➤ (s) having a command of or composed in many languages
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is always advantageous. Never ever stop your kid from learning different languages. Ultimately it will improve his/her persona.