Learning styles in children can be identified

Learning styles of children can vary. If parents identify the learning style of their child, they can contribute effectively towards their child’s academic growth. You can choose to teach in the learning style that fits the most for your child. You can rely on some learning activities, quizzes and games to help your child in understanding the concepts easily. Educators and parents have been successful in identifying 3 basic learning styles in children. Though every child displays a dominant style of learning, but children can balance between all 3 styles.

Image courtesy: www.elcomcms.com
Image courtesy: www.elcomcms.com
1. Visual Learners: These learners learn their way through observation. They can perceive things when they actually have a visual aid to support the learning. They tend to remember the visual details or may note down the information while listening to it at the same time. You may have to depend upon a few illustrations to teach them. They may appear to be interested in paintings, screens etc. For instance: They may love reading books or may be good in recognizing places or faces of people.

  1. Auditory Learners: These learners learning through listening. They can follow oral directions easily. They are verbally strong and participate in discussions. They are usually drawn towards music or songs. For instance: When someone explains them some information orally, they can understand it faster than visual learners.

  2. Kinaesthetic learners: These learners are also referred to as Tactile learners. These are the active participants in activities like sports, dance, or any such physical activities. They may also display love for hands on activities, handwriting exercises and may have a good sense of balance. For instance: The kinaesthetic learner may use gestures to explain things.

These learning styles can help you identify and relate