Studying at Night vs. Studying in the Day

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to choosing the time of the day they want to study, or feel that their concentration level is at its best. Some of us are more inclined towards burning the midnight oil, while others prefer a good nights sleep. Each phase has its benefits and drawbacks, but what’s important is what works for you.



  • More Energy – You have more energy during the day, than at night after a day full of activities. Thus your mind is more alert to gather and retain the subject you are studying.
  • *In Tandem With The Cycle of Nature *– You are not messing your body clock, and working in tandem with nature’s cycle. This has benefits in the long run, as you set your routine in such a way that provides for a good nights sleep, and work during the day hours. Making it a better proposition for ones over all health.
  • *Group Study *– Study groups, of extra classes are only possible during the daytime. Thus you miss out on studying with friends, or study groups if you like to study late at night.
  • Easy To Get Help – it is easier to approach for help from teachers or parents during the day, as if you have a doubt at night you will have to wait for the next day to clear that doubt. This can sometimes act as a roadblock as your whole study schedule could be put on hold due to one doubt.


  • *Silence And Tranquility *– One of the biggest advantages of studying at night are zero disturbances. The chaos of the day has died down, there are no distractions, and one can study with complete focus and attention.
  • *Empty Libraries *– It’s easy to find a quiet and comfortable study spot in libraries and public studying spaces. Making these places more accessible, and conducive to study as well as making nighttime a more desirable time to access these spaces.
  • No Distractions – Everyone has retreated to their spaces, and most people are a sleep causing no distractions. No one will be coming knocking at your door, no friends calling at to play, no phones ringing off the hook, and no one hovering over your head makes nighttime studying quite hassle free. Thus allowing one to find ones own pace, and calm.
  • *Creativity *– it is believed that nighttime studying allows for greater creative ideas, and methods flowing. The silence allows the mind to look for new and different ways of doing things. Many claim that creativity strikes at the oddest hour, making nighttime conducive for creativity.