LEARN Method

Exams can be scary and a stressful task for the all of us. It is best to keep some simple tricks up your sleeves to never miss out on any important point. While writing an exam remember the acronym LEARN. The LEARN method will help you remember how to address an exam paper with ease and effectiveness.

What does LEARN stand for?

L – Leave the hardest question for the last!
* E – Edit*
* A – Add*
* R – Read*
* N – Never give up!*

Lets take a closer look at what this means.

L – When attempting an exam paper, make sure you answer the questions you are the most confidant*confidant*
➤ (n) someone to whom private matters are confided
…by BeeDictionary.com
about first. You will make sure you have those marks in your bag, before moving on to a harder question. It will also give you confidence about solving harder question, because you would have built a tempo, and the stress would have settled down.

E – Make sure you erase or edit any incorrect/incomplete information. Editing helps you polish your answer, giving you a chance to properly put your point across.

A – Add any details that you may have missed when you initially attempted the question. Any relevant information you feel that you missed out can be added later, but also remember that it should enhance your answer and not just add information just to make your answer appear long, and informative.

R – You must keep some time aside to go through your answer sheet before submitting the paper. Reading and re-reading your answer can give you a chance to spot mistakes, recall missing points, or eliminate any incorrect or irrelevant information.

N – Keep a positive attitude during the exam. The never give up approach will help you perform better, and keep your spirits high!

So next time you head out for an exam, always LEARN to ace it!