Are you a Novice Teacher? More power to you

The initial phase of teaching begins with a lot of learning; learning through blunders committed during the initial years of teaching. Every single teacher has to go through a series of hardships to be an excellent teacher. One of the most crucial trait a teacher has to excel is in the art of classroom management. The best suggestion would be to seek help from other experienced teachers who have carved out their own path. If you are a novice teacher, you may feel pressurized. So, here are a few tips for you to manage the classroom effectively.

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Classroom Management Tips:

  1. Talk to the students in a normal voice: It is very common to see teachers raising their voice to get the attention of the students in the classroom. This can be stressful for you and for the students too. This is not the best approach. Instead, you can always ensure that you initiate a conversation with the students in a normal tone. This initiative can create a positive vibe in the classroom. Try engaging the students by asking a few questions about a specific character or story. This can help you in connecting with the students easily.
  2. Wait until the students are ready to listen to you: The golden rule in such scenarios is to ensure that the students are ready and quiet to listen to your teaching. This may seem extremely difficult at the first instance but your due diligence*diligence*
    ➤ (n) conscientiousness in paying proper attention to a task; giving the degree of care required in a given situation
    ➤ (n) persevering determination to perform a task
    ➤ (n) a diligent effort
    and patience can make a lot of difference. You will have to combat your temptation to speak in the classroom. You will have to wait for them to be quiet. This works!!!! Students will definitely understand that you are trying to tell them something and cue each other to maintain the classroom decorum.
  3. Non-verbal communications are the best tools to seek attention: As a novice teacher, it may seem difficult to get the attention of the students. But there are a few tools to help you in your classroom management task. You can try to connect with the students by clapping a couple of times and making an eye contact with the students.
  4. Design your lessons with an engaging appeal: Creating engaging lessons can help you to not only teach the students effectively but also to keep them engaged. Device activities, discussions and quizzes to make the learning a fun filled experience.
  5. Behavioral issues to be tackled tactfully: If you find some students engaged in a conflict or any discussion that interrupts your teaching, then never accuse the students of disturbing the classroom teaching. Instead, you can ask the students to clarify their doubts on the topic that you taught in the class. You can also ask them to share some knowledge about the topic in question. This can help them to be more attentive in the classroom.

I have penned a few classroom management tips but as a teacher you can learn a lot more through your own experiences.