5 Ways Teachers Can Improve A Child’s Communication Skill

Communication is the key to any relationship! Especially when your relation is with a little child, be it parent-child, student teacher, or mentor-child. It is important give a lot of importance to communication with a child in order to understand his/her needs, build his/her foundation, and help him/her flourish. Wrong or ineffective communication can lead to misunderstanding, withdrawals, under confidence, trust issues, improper development, and ignorance of important issues.

It is very important for a teacher to set a right tone of communication with the student in order to impart knowledge, values, and learning in an effective manner. Good communication skills can lead to proper learning, confidence, and overall development that later helps the child excel in any field in the future.


How to improve communication skills of a student?

  1. Establish Rules – A good way for a teacher to communicate with his/her students is to establish some class rules. This makes the student feel that the teacher is approachable, it will also encourage class participation, and the student will understand his/her role in class.
  2. *Encourage Participation *– How you communicate in terms of the tone of teaching, your encouragement for the student to speak, or your interest towards the need of your student will also contribute in how much the student will feel comfortable in communicating with you. Encourage the child to communicate with you, and if you are in a classroom setup make sure you don’t only focus on the child who is always willing to answer.
  3. Conduct Discussion Activities – Rather than just teaching in a manner where you talk and the student listens, try and create an environment where you teach in a discussion format. This will encourage opinions out of the students, give you a better assessment on their learning, and in turn increase their willingness to communicate.
  4. Be Open *– Every child is different and every child has a different way to communicate. Some children are more verbal in their approach, where as other look for more understanding and care. A good teacher must be able to accommodate the needs of a child, and ask for their feedback. This will help you harbor*harbor**
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    trust with your student that will in turn increase their willingness to communicate with you.
  5. *Respect – *Any relation commands respect, and a student teacher is no different. A teacher must respect the needs of his/her student in order to keep the channel of learning and communication positive. A child who fears the teacher or feels humiliated/disrespected is highly unlikely to communicate anything.

These small points can go a long way in building effective communication between a student and a teacher. They will also help the child to excel better in life, and make a teachers teaching more effective and efficient.