Teenagers falling prey to Drug Abuse

Someone rightly said, “Get high on grades and not on drugs”. Drug Abuse has been perceived as one of the most threatening dangers hovering over the teenagers.  It is also believed that the teens who are trapped in the clutches of drug abuse are most likely to turn into Drug addicts during their adulthood. There is an extremely thin line that exists between drug abuse and drug addiction. Scores of teens are seen exploring and experimenting with numerous drugs but not all of them could be termed as addicts. The main significance has to be laid on recognizing and curtailing the drug use and this can definitely suppress and uproot the problem before it emerges.

Image courtesy :youth.gov
Image courtesy :youth.gov
Why do Teenagers fall for Drugs?

It is quite saddening to see that more than half of the population of drug users consists of teenagers. The thirst of experimentation sweeps them off their feet and they start with drug abuse. Following are the most cited reasons for drug abuse:

  • Peer pressure plays a vital role
  • Stress is another important factor
  • Curiosity of exploring
  • Emotional struggles pave way towards drugs
  • The want of isolating oneself from society

How to determine the existence of Drug Abuse:

Determining the usage of drugs can be extremely difficult. This is the reason why most of the parents should talk to their teenager in a friendly manner to understand their mentality and understanding the happenings in their life.

Here are a few signs of Drug Abuse. Have a look at them.

  • Bad grades in the exams
  • No eye contact while talking
  • Lack of interest in activities
  • Laughing without any reason
  • Reclusive behavior
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Pale personal appearance
  • Abnormal tiredness
  • Extremely poor hygiene
  • Clothes with smoky smell
  • Frequent hunger pangs

It is crucial for parents to initiate a conversation with their kids if their feel that their children are trying drugs. You will have to do this with extreme compassion and care.

What parents can do?

As a parent you should try analyzing the scenario and then react accordingly. Acceptance or denial of drug use by the teenager has to be dealt with reasonable care and caution. You can deal with both the scenarios in the following ways:

When the teenager confesses to taking of drugs: Ensure that you neither overreact nor lash out the teenager once you know the truth. Parents ought to convince their teens that they love and care for them. Once the teens understand that they are cared, loved and supported, they may refrain from experimenting with the drugs. On the same note, they may even try seeking external help to cope with drug addiction.

When the teenager denies to the usage of drugs: Parents will have to earn the confidence of their teens and assure them that they care. A drug test or professional help can help you in uncovering the truth of this drug issue if you doubt that you teen is not telling you the truth.

Common drugs abused by teenagers:

The reasons for drug abuse may vary between teens and adults but it is very important to curtail this practice as soon as possible.

  • Alcohol is the substance widely accepted to be harmless by all and therefore abuse through alcohol is very evident. Binge drinking is considered to be the culprit that accelerates the risks of addiction. Counselling can be helpful in such cases.
  • Intoxications through over the counter medications and prescriptions: The intoxicating effects of a few medications drive the teens crazy. Certain medications trigger pleasurable effects and that’s the probable reason why teens are so incline towards them.
  • Marijuana is another preferred choice of the teenagers.

Treatment for addiction:

Emotional support and counselling can help teens dealing with stress, depression and the like symptoms. If this doesn’t help, then admitting the teen in treatment centres and rehabilitation centres can offer great help.