Online tutoring or Home tutoring? You choose…..

Today, tutoring is no more the luxury of the wealthy. The severity of the competition in the educational industry has made tutoring a basic necessity for even the common people. Tutoring is considered as a supplementary form of learning that figures out the knowledge gaps of the tutee and work on their problem areas in the subject. It is a cost effective, personalized and trendy form of learning. There has been a lot of debate about the benefits of Online tutoring and Home tutoring. I leave it to you to decide which one is the best.

Portrait of smart lad by the blackboard thinking of airplane and looking at camera
Portrait of smart lad by the blackboard thinking of airplane and looking at camera
Benefits of Home/Private tutoring:

  1. It is a form of tutoring where the tutor arrives at the student’s home for teaching.
  2. Due to the personalized approach, it is extremely easy for the tutor to identify the problem areas of the student in the particular subject. The tutor can design a study plan for the student based on his level of understanding.
  3. Home tutoring is suitable for students who prefer the conventional form of learning.
  4. Home tutoring offers learning in a setting that is comfortable to the student. That’s when the student can ask his doubts and get them clarified from the tutor
  5. The Home tutoring setting offers a great feature of personalized attention to the student throughout the academic year due to its contractual nature.

Benefits of Online tutoring:


  1. Online tutoring is a setting where the student can learn through a computer and internet.
  2. A new form of learning that provides a platform for the student to research on the subject with the help of online tutor.
  3. Every student can ask for online help for test preparations, assignments and homework help.
  4. Students can seek clarification of their doubts quickly with the help of internet.
  5. It is an affordable option as there is no travelling cost involved.

I have enlisted a few advantages of both the forms of tutoring. Think twice, take advice and then choose your option.