5 Resolutions You Must Make As A Parent

We teach our children to make resolutions every New Year, and we add a few resolutions to our own personal list. But this year make resolutions as a parent to improve, and enrich the time you spend with your child. Here are few resolutions you must consider:

  1. Log Off: Keep away those phones, laptop, and television remotes and spend some one on one quality time with your children. There is a reason why they quality over quantity, your undivided attention is way more valuable, and appreciated than hours spent doing million things at once.
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  2. Give Your Child Space: Promise to stop hovering over every detail of your child’s life and give them some personal space. Inculcate good values, and trust your parenting. Monitoring your children is important and good, but being in a constant paranoia*paranoia*
    ➤ (n) a psychological disorder characterized by delusions of persecution or grandeur
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    is toxic.
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  3. Take Out Some Me Time: Our lives today our hectic with children, work, household chores, social commitments, school projects, tuitions, and other activities that most times we forget to take out time for ourselves. Make a resolution to add some me time in your day even if it’s just 15 minutes of unwinding.
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  4. Listen More: As parents we must allow our children to come and talk to us, and it is our responsibility to make our children comfortable with us to come and talk to us about anything. If you listen to them patiently you’ll gain their trust, and understand their problems better.
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  5. Create A Happy Environment: Your home is your place of sanity; make it a happy space for your family by not bringing work or social stress home. Keeping a happy environment at home provides a healthy space for your children to thrive in.
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    A happy parent provides a happy upbringing! Make these resolutions for a rocking 2016.