6 Resolutions To Make As A Family In 2016

We all make resolutions for ourselves as we ring in the New Year. But have you ever thought of making resolutions as a family? Lets add a new twist to resolutions and make them family resolutions! This will be more involving, motivating, and inventive. Want a few resolution ideas? Have a look at our list for some inspiration:* *

  • *Read Together: *Read to or with your kids more often. Younger kids like to hear bedtime stories but don’t continue reading as much as they grow older. Encourage them to pick up books you can read simultaneously, these make for great conversations as you discuss the plot, favorite characters, and what they make you feel.
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  • *Get Outdoor: *Plan to spend some time outdoors together be it taking a camping trip over the weekend, a trek, a game of tennis or bike riding. There are a million things you can do outdoor, just step out and explore the marvels of nature.
    Image Source: http://voiceboks.com/getting-the-family-up-active-and-healthy/
  • Game Night: Game nights are a fabulous way to have fun and bond as a family. Choose your favorite game and go silly or competitive.
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  • Cook Together: Teach your children to cook and cook a nice fun meal together and relish it together. Be it simple pasta or an elaborate brunch – just get creative and have some fun.
    Image Source: http://mitk.ca/blog/2013/8/13/cooking-up-life-skills.html
  • *Holiday Together: *Spend some time bonding during a relaxing holiday. Pick a spot that has something to offer for everyone and just go out and have fun.
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  • Pick A Hobby Together: Pick a hobby you all like and learn that together as a family. It provides you with something to do together for the rest of your lives, you’ll always have something to talk about, and it’ll be great fun to learn together.
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This year make resolutions with a twist, and welcome 2016 as a happy family.