5 Facts About Bilingual People

Image Source: http://bilingualismresearch.com/page/2/
Most children in Indian cities are raised in a bilingual household. However, that is not the case worldwide. Being able to speak more than one language has more benefits than one, and learning two languages during your growing up years has been proven to positively impact your brain. Here are a few facts that studies over the years have unveiled about bilingual people:

  • *Bilingual Children Study Better: *Bilingual children have an advantage at school. Studies suggest that bilingual children are able to focus and concentrate better than monolingual children. The ability to filter things out when switching languages helps these children to focus better and enhances the brains ability to ignore irrelevant information.
  • Bilingual People Have More Grey Matter: Studies suggest that bilingual students have greater growth in the hippocampus and the area of cerebral cortex than monolingual students. Brain scans reveal a greater density of grey matter in areas of the brain associated with language processing.
  • Bilingualism Keeps Your Brain Young: Research suggests that learning new languages protects you brain from cognitive*cognitive*
    ➤ (a) of or being or relating to or involving cognition
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    problems, as you grow older. It is said that the more languages you speak the bigger is the protective boost.
  • *Bilingual People Make Better Listeners: *Studies show that people who learn more than one language develop a better listening skill on average. This has been linked to their ability to differentiate between languages.
  • *Bilingual People Think Globally: *Speaking more than one language from a young age introduces children to the idea of diversity. Bilingualism adds layers to their perspective, thinking, and awareness about the world we live in.