The ‘Mathemagical world’ of Vedic Mathematics

The Vedic ages in India were known for intelligence, commendable calculations and magnificent scriptures that have contributed to the realm of mathematics worldwide. The clarity of conceptualization of abstract numbers and understanding their relative deviations has worked as a blessing for Indians who have made it big in the mathematical arena. The cultural and intellectual heritage has been passed from Vedic ages to the future generations.

Re-emergence of Vedic mathematics:

The art of Vedic mathematics rose from its oblivious, dormant phase that was buried in the due course of time. The rediscovery of this ancient art can be credited to Bharati Krsna Tirthaji during 1911 to 1918. A few texts during these ages were termed as the “Ganita Sutras” with mathematical deductions. Bharati Krsna Tirthaji was of a scholastic bent of mind and was known scholar of Mathematics, Philosophy, History and Sanskrit. He studied*studied*
➤ (a) produced or marked by conscious design or premeditation
these texts for years and was successful in reconstructing these sutras or formulas and penned them in a single volume.

Vedic mathematics serves as a shortcut method or an alternative system of mathematics that instigates creativity in students and aids in rapid mental calculations. There are overall 16 sutras of Vedic Mathematics. Sutras mean Aphorisms.

For instance the Nikhilam Navatashcaramam Dashatah – ‘all from nine, last from ten sutra. This sutra simplifies the multiplication process of large numbers. The numbers are broken down to their common bases. For example: if you wish to multiply 38 by 42 then these two numbers are broken as follows:

(40-2) and (40+2). Here the squares of the smaller number in both the cases is 4 (22). This square is subtracted from the square of the larger number that is 1600 (4040). The result of this subtraction is 1596 (1600-4). Isn’t this easy?  On the similar lines, few calculations are done based on the sutras.

Considering this popularity of the subject of Vedic Mathematics, a few universities in India have decided to offer courses in Vedic mathematics too.