5 Ways Teachers Create A Presence In The Classroom

We come across all kinds of people in all kinds of professions. And everyone has a distinct style of dealing with things and people. The same goes for teachers, however since they have to deal with an audience of young children, their task can be quite daunting and demanding. We all have come across stern and commanding teachers who own the presence in the classroom, and some soft and timid*timid*
➤ (n) people who are fearful and cautious
➤ (a) showing fear and lack of confidence
➤ (a) lacking self-confidence
➤ (s) lacking conviction or boldness or courage
…by BeeDictionary.com
ones who are daunted by their students.

Teacher and student in a classroom at school.
Image Source: http://metrocebu.com.ph/2015/03/a-lesson-to-teach/
It is very important for a teacher to command their presence in a classroom, as this will enable them to create an effective learning environment as well as strengthen their relationship with the students. Important things to consider when you are trying to build an impression in the classroom are:

– Mask Your Anxieties: Children pick up on fear quickly. So rid yourself of any tension before you enter the classroom. Take a few deep breaths to help you calm your nerves.
– Speak With Authority: A firm voice displays confidence and authority. As a teacher you’ll communicate your ideas, lessons, and instructions more effectively with a firm voice.
– Pause: Pause for thought if you are feeling nervous or are unsure of what to say next. A moment of silence will give you time to reorganize your thoughts and gather yourself.
– Keep Eye Contact: Eye contact displays confidence and strengthen. It also provides for a more engaging conversation between you and the class.
– Think Of Yourself As A Storyteller: Appear excited, energetic, and involve the students to make teaching more fun. Enthusiasm is contagious and once everyone is involved and having a good time your nerves will ease out, and your command as a teacher will increase.

Fret not and be confident. You have been through your years at school and encountered many teachers. If nothing else works try and model a teacher you thought was smart, confident, and had a striking presence in the classroom. Soon you’ll me cursing your way in to being a role model to your students.