Visualize and relive the past through Social Studies

I hate Social Studies……..What should I do with the past events…….I live in present and I want to explore my future, why should I learn about History? It’s a boring subject…………..My, My, My, such are the responses from the students and kids about History and Social Studies. I admit I was initially shocked at these responses because history was one of my favorite subject during my schooling years. I failed to understand why students don’t wish to learn about our own heritage and the past events that have occurred worldwide?

If a student studies history that is confined to a textbook then of course, it looks blunt and boring. Believe me there is a lot more to this subject to explore. There have been several interesting and fascinating events in the past and we failed to witness them.  Some events have been precedents in bringing about positive changes whereas some have helped us to rise from an oblivion. As a student of history you have ample of opportunities to excavate into the subject.

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Let me give you a few ideas to jumpstart your quest for the past:

  1. You can visit a historic museum.
  2. Go through a few documentaries on history channel and I believe you will start liking history.
  3. A field trip with friends can also help you explore the subject better.
  4. Try cooking historic food
  5. Plan a theme party with historic clothes and characters.
  6. Try interacting with veterans, war veterans and freedom fighters.
  7. A historic movie is an excellent idea.
  8. Reading good books and history blogs.
  9. Participate in historic dramas
  10. Sketching a few historic heroes and painting them with friends and family.

Try incorporating your own ideas in this list as per your imagination and creativity and the list will never seem to end.

History is still a mystery and you can unveil it if you take keen interest in this subject. Reliving and visualizing the happenings of the past will definitely embark a new perspective and dimension to your learning.