Time Management - A Skill To Master

‘Time is what we want the most, but what we use worst.’

– William Penn

We all want more time in our days to accomplish more things, sleep more, have more time with our friends, more time with family, more time for television or surfing the internet, more time to go on holidays, more time to complete the pending assignments, or just do nothing at all. But time is one resource we have no control over, that’s why in today’s day and age time management is a prized skill. One must be able to use his or her time as productively, and meaningfully as possible – as time is not going to wait for anyone.

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We must teach our children how to manage their time well from the start, as this will equip them to deal with time better in life later on. How can children manage their time better? Here are a few tips your children should consider and use to manage their time better:

Step 1: Make a to do list

Learn to prioritize the tasks at hand a make a list of tasks based on its priority. Add everything you wish to accomplish or do on that list from things that scare you, to thing you enjoy.

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Step 2: Allocate Time

See how you can fit these tasks in your day. If you are a morning person try and accomplish all the study, and work before heading off for school, and if you are a night person schedule your study time at night. Add other tasks like music lessons, gym class, and movie with friends, or dinner with family in between school hours and self-study time.

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Step 3: Chart Out Your Day

Plan out what you choose to accomplish through the day. What and when you need to study, how many subjects you wish to tackle, how much time you want to allocate to each topic, how many hours you want to go out and play, include break times, dinner time, and some self time in this chart as well.

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*Step 4: Factor In For Miscellaneous *

Make sure you have some time to accommodate some extra work from school, or a surprise test you need to prepare for the next day. Don’t leave your study for the last day, if you have studied*studied*
➤ (a) produced or marked by conscious design or premeditation
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through the year these tests or sudden assignments won’t burden you down.

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While you follow through these steps you must also keep in mind a few other points that will help you manage your time better.

A well managed day will help you achieve way more than you thought was possible, and the feeling of achievement will be a wonderful feeling to go bed with.