7 Study Tips For 2016

The first week of 2016 is over, and so have all the festivities and celebrations that come with it. Most of you might have got back to school already, and some of you will be getting back to school soon.

So what to do in 2016 to make it a better learning year than the last?

  • Review – We all set goals every year, and every academic year we set study goals. The New Year is a good time to review whether or not you have to stuck to your study goals, and what all have you missed on or need to add to your study plan going ahead.
    Hand writing Time for Review concept with red marker on transparent wipe board.
    Image Source: http://blog.cupahr.org/2014/09/5-simple-steps-improve-performance-reviews/
  • *Revise Your Plan *– Account for missed out topics, new additions, and extra time for harder topics in you study plan and accommodate all the changes going ahead.
  • *Take A Break *– Integrate break time and personal time in your study routine. You can’t accomplish much with an overworked or tired brain. Regular breaks improve your ability to learn.
  • *Embrace Technology *– Use technology to your advantage and use it to study better. With everything available online, you have easy access to information, guides, and help.
    Image Source: http://www.bia-sjsu.org/april-technology-industry-update/
  • *Explore *– Have some fun while learning and use multiple mediums and tools to learn. Watch documentaries or movies on a subject, or check out some online quizzes, use flash cards and mind maps, and add learning games to your study routine.
  • Collaborate – Form study group, or study partners you can discuss and evaluate your work with. This will both motivate you to study better, as well as provide a platform for discussing difficult topics, problems, and doubts.
    Image Source: http://stopisraelnuclear.org/how-to-form-the-ideal-study-group-in-college/
  • *Challenge Yourself *– Test your knowledge and set challenges for yourself to strive better. A healthy competition to better pushes you to improve and push yourself to excel in any field.

A New Year marks a new start, and a fresh start is good place to evaluate, explore and execute your learning goals.