An essay is the key to the college of your choice

Most of us dream of studying in the best educational institutions across the globe. Your admission essay can land you in the college or university of your choice. A simple mistake can quash this dream. Every year most of the students often commit the same mistake pretty much to the consternation*consternation*
➤ (n) fear resulting from the awareness of danger
of the admission officers who provide you the gate pass to the college by evaluating the admission essay. Your personal statement that you portray in the admission essay helps the admission officer to visualize your entire persona.

This is not as easy as it seems though. Some essays of the students are extremely uninformative while others are impersonal in nature. On the same lines some essays are less impressive while the rest lack originality. Only a few essays succeed in creating a lasting impression on the admission officers. Now let us understand what the admission officer expects from you through your essay.

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- The writing ability of the applicant:

 Even a quick run through the essay can give a clear glimpse into your flair for writing. A well organized, grammatically correct and expressive essay never fails to leave an impression. Your style of writing, syntax and an engaging content can add a lot more to the overall concept of your admission essay. Ensure that you cross check your essay multiple times to avoid spell errors and grammatical mistakes.

  • What the essay explains about the applicant? :

Most of the essays written by the applicants don’t give a clear picture of the applicant. It does not really matter how embellished your content is. If the content cannot relate to you and your personality as a whole the essay seems to be completely blunt. The essay should give a platform to the admission officer to gauge your personality and your thought process.

  • The essay should reflect the applicant’s perceptions and beliefs:

Perceptions and beliefs reflect a strong personality. Creativity, out of the box thinking and motivation play a vital role. Admission officers look for understanding why your motivations have driven you so far. You essay should give an insight into your strong beliefs and perceptions. It also adds a depth to your essay.

  • How can the applicant contribute to the community:

If your essays portrays you as an active, enthusiastic and a successful member of the community and if the admission officer visualizes the same, then it is an added advantage. To arrive at such a conclusion about oneself you will have to have an honest introspection*introspection*
➤ (n) the contemplation of your own thoughts and desires and conduct
about yourself and then highlight all these qualities in your essay adding a personal edge to it.

I hope you can write a god essay and accomplish your dream of studying in the educational institution of your choice.